Pantelis Kaplanoglou

Machine Learning Engineer Developer Researcher


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    Senior software engineer, with a B.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from ATEI of Thessaloniki and an M.Sc. in Web Intelligence from the same educational institute. Worked in various sector of computer industry in Greece since 1995, initially in IT services and the last 12 years in software development. Has been employed as a team leader in the R&D department of Thinx SA and as an international software development associate for LIDL. Undertaken projects include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and other business software (WMS,CRM,PDA) for various sectors of commerce and industry. The variety of developed software includes automation systems (SCADA,CNC) and election results estimation. Also contributed in the development of a prediction system for the outcome of sport events.
    Utilizes rapid application development (RAD) tools for productivity, designs software frameworks for source code reusability/application maintainability and deploys enterprise databases (DBMS) for scalability. Applies software engineering methodology using application lifecycle management tools (VCS,ITS) and knowledge management systems (KMS) for coordinated teamwork that aims quality. When needed, uses advanced techniques like parallel and low-level programming or high-level declarative programming. Research interests include Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing with related knowledge of Python programming language and Tensorflow framework. Knowledge spans on Deep Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms as branches of Computational Intelligence, Agents and Ontologies from symbolic AI. Speaks English with fluency, German and the native Greek language. Other interests include graphic arts, music composition and Ancient Greek Language.